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500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

This is the last level of yoga teacher training in India, and hence the most elaborate course, with combined information from the other teacher trainings. The program offers yoga experts a chance to develop their professional life. This advanced course will most likely upgrade your association with the basic roots of yoga. Yogstars primly focuses on enhancing the mind of their yoga students and in addition to cleanse them. They undoubtedly trust that the mental peace along with measured breathing practices offers wonderful outcomes.

Hone your teaching abilities with our500 hour yoga teacher training in Noida Delhi. The course requires your 100% commitment to being on the way of the yoga master. Registered with Yoga Alliance, USA, the program is exceptionally intended for the individual who needs to figure out how to teach with perseverance. It is a blend of our 200 hour and 300 hour yoga teacher training courses. We give careful consideration to each of the subjects considered basic in the advancement as an expert yoga teacher. Every module of the course has an escalated practice part of yoga therapeutics, philosophy, physiology, anatomy, sequencing, advanced yogasanas, helping and modifying, pranayama, meditation, and contextual investigations.

A final proficient degree in the field of yoga teacher training.Yogstars educates yogic philosophy from the earliest starting point till the very end. Joining the course contents from the 200-hour and 300-hour yoga teacher trainings, this medium is truly intended to sustain and brush the abilities you obtained after some time. It frees the learners from self-doubts or any doubts raised by their students over the past practices. Impel the study of the Vedas, history of yoga, chanting mantra, mudra developments and all practices are done under the ridge of Yoga Alliance to ensure able students will be moulded.

This course includes the advanced type of yoga practices getting further into the distinctive arenas of yoga. Complete training is bestowed on the diverse types of yoga including getting profound into yoga both rationally and additionally in the form of art. The teaching strategy is not the same as alternate courses, as here now students will practice training also. They would likewise take after the way of their yoga master with full devotion and obligation. This commitment would edify them and help them achieve the level of awareness they had been endeavoring to accomplish all through. They would begin adoring themselves and cherishing the universe as their family. Every module will be an attention on the deeper insights of yoga therapeutics,philosophy, philosophical manner, physiology, advanced yogasanas, anatomy, contextual investigations and profound meditation procedures.

The course is a combination of the yoga philosophy with asanas and stances, and meditation to work in the capacity of the students in spreading this fine art to the people to come. The training builds the trust in students for analyzing and fundamentally interpreting this virtualized work of art and can set out to challenge the present abilities for enhancing their insight picked up until now.

Different strategies are utilized to deal with unique classes. Clearing students’ doubtsis done amid this training. Ayurvedic investigation of India is likewise taught, aside from meditation, pranayama and different types of improving living. Come and be a piece of the most developed and best yoga teacher training in India!

Complete yogic philosophy is entwined all through the course to make every student apposite to pass the hundreds of years old specialty of yoga to all the generations to come. The training urges you to question and test your current yoga and meditation aptitudes keeping in mind the end goal to upgrade your insight into yoga and its variety of formats. You will be guided to investigate the spiritual side of yoga and how it influences both students and teachers and change their lives, which mends the body from maladies, as well as helps you get well being, bliss, and prosperity, by making a totally new condition and awareness in life. This is your opportunity to practice total freedom from the illicit tendencies of the mind, which make malady, agony, and trouble.

This 500-hour yoga teacher training in Delhi will take you to the more profound quintessence of Gyana yoga and its association with freedom from Chita Vriitis, which one may have accomplished in this lifetime, and furthermore the Chitta Vrittis which he may have achieved in other lifetime, as Maharishi Patanjali puts the meaning of yoga as CittavrittaNirodha. The training will likewise incorporates session on yoga philosophy and discourses on kaivalyapada of the yoga sutras. This is anadvance level course that will truly hone your mind for a more point by point learning of yoga. You will be a certified yoga trainer by the time of the successful completion of the course.

Give yourself the chances to learn and have a supernatural extraordinary ordeal of yoga with this 500-hour yoga teacher training in India. This training predominantly comprises of the conventional Hatha yoga, Patanjali’s philosophy and eight components of yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga styles. Join the training program and be a future yoga teacher!

500hr yoga teacher training in India incorporates:

  • Thorough inquiry about physiology and brain research projects and its connection to different yogic practices.
  • Covers the inside and out and finish investigation of yogic dualism and non-dualism practices and methods of insight.
  • Study of conventional and moral rules that a yoga teacher must have keeping in mind the end goal to set up a superior student-teacher and ace relationship.
  • The students will figure out how to change the kindred teacher learners to pick up a knowledge into body mechanics and conformities.
  • Study of Eight limbs of yoga by Shri Patanjali and Vaman Rishi
  • Tantra, Yantra, mantra and their systems
  • Understanding the idea of sexual vitality and its heavenly discernment.
  • Profound investigation of shat karma, purifying of inner and outer body.
  • Opportunity to instruct yoga to 200 hour yoga teacher training students as well as 300hour yoga teacher training students.

Training modules included in Yoga teacher training in India

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha yoga’s most advanced asanas along with inverted posture lessons
  • In depth study about yoga and Ayurveda
  • Exceptional teaching strategies that can benefit in dailyyoga teaching
  • Guidelines to be trailed by a yoga teacher
  • Identification of the body sorts in light of Ayurvedic studies
  • Mental relationship to the universe and other spiritualist strengths
  • Methods on easy handling of a yoga class
  • Other skills specifically depending on each student are taken up and honed
  • Smoother strategies for managing students’ questions
  • Study of Indian history identified with Ayurveda and yoga sutras of Patanjali
  • Swara yoga and Iyengar yoga clarified mantras, meditation and pranayama, lessons with all their hugeness and relations to the awesome
  • Chakra cleansing and energy (prana)
  • Defined patterns and movement of energy
  • Inculcating different methodologies on the best way to train oneself and their classes consequently
  • Methods on the most proficient method to give helpful criticism
  • Power yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha yoga stances and structures with breath developments
  • Spiritual training of the mind and body
  • systematic techniques to handle special students
  • Tips to maintain the rapport and connection at a deeper level with the potential students

You will get a hands-on experience when taking up classes. Yogstar permits you to evaluate yourself and your kindred colleagues. Plotting different techniques, you will likewise get prompt and straightforward criticisms from the trained and certified staff thoroughly. Unquestionably, the ocean of yoga is unlimited and boundless. Yogstars covers all the real procedures in the 500-hour Yoga teacher training in India.


It is required that the students applying for this course have no less than six months of Hatha yoga practice. Special consideration for the Yogstar students and practitioners.